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Pauline Houssart

9 BIS Rue de l'Eglise, 51500 Chamery, France
Pauline Houssart

Personal Projects

To develop my skills, I decided to create a website and a Facebook page dedicated to my brother’s champagne.

Champagne Alexandre Houssart  – Facebook page

Facebook is THE social network, a lot of brands use it and I wanted to know: what’s behind a Facebook Page. My brother already had a profile for his Champagne, but I thought a Page was more accurate to promote his wine. With his agreement, I dedicated my free time to this job.

First I only wrote the posts in French and then I realized English-speaking people were also curious about the wine making process. That is why I decided to write article both in French and in English.

This Facebook page is full of photos that either I or my brother took, but it also contains a few videos I filmed, edited and posted.

Champagne Alexandre Houssart Facebook

Champagne Alexandre Houssart  – Website

I created this website using Drupal, a really powerful CMS. Through this website, I wanted to show not only the prices but also the process of making champagne. Moreover, my brother is not only a winegrower, he is a wine service provider so it allows me to write about his choice of career.

These are my roots, I was born surrounded by vineyards and I thought I could exercise my CMS skills by developing the Champagne Alexandre Houssart website.

Champagne Alexandre Houssart frontpage

This online resume

I already had a paper/PDF version of my resume, but I thought a web resume was a good way to show my personal achievements. Besides, I created it in 2 languages: English and French.

I chose to use another CMS: WordPress. This CMS is easier to manipulate, but it can be powerful, and sufficient to create a showcase website.